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A trip to the desert : How our 'Golden Oasis' photoshoot came to life in Dubai ?

An ideal location for our photoshoot

The choice of location for the photo shoot in Dubai last April was linked to the theme of the new collection, which was 'GOLDEN OASIS'.

We were looking for a place that evokes a desert mood, with vegetation and palm trees, in order to recreate a warm and sunny atmosphere. We therefore chose a neighborhood in Dubai that presented these characteristics, with palm trees and large leaves, to create an atmosphere similar to that of an oasis.

How We Brought Our 'Golden Oasis' to Life in Dubai

To recreate an authentic desert atmosphere during our photoshoot, we focused primarily on carefully selected accessories such as a hat, a giant dried leaf, and a chair to evoke the aridity of the desert. The outfits were also in line with the theme, featuring cargo skirts and tops with a bénitier neckline to enhance the bohemian and sunny feel.

We also worked on special effects to convey a sense of warmth and sandiness. The shadows on the wall and face, created by the intense sun, added a more realistic and lively touch to our photoshoot.

Stainless steel jewelry that shines under the spotlights

Our range includes carefully selected stainless steel creations of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, known for their timeless charm. The gold of our jewelry stands out beautifully against the greenery.

But we didn't stop there! We also wanted to demonstrate how our jewelry can be worn with different styles to suit any occasion, from casual to formal. To stay true to our Instagram feed, we opted for a greyish background that complements our jewelry perfectly.

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